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Need help once again


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I'm having another problem lol I bought some lowered springs but I went to undo the main bolts and they are not budging and I soaked them with gas plus (I think) so is there anyone that could change them at all or even help me do them coz it's doing my head in 

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Bolts on the lower part of the strut leg or the bolts that hold the top mount to the strut ?

If it's the lower ones mark the position with a dab of tip ex on the bolt and on the hub mounting point, spray some more plus gas on go for a brew, then get a half inch socket set on it with a suitable breaker bar and stand on it, should do the job.

If it's the top of suspension. You'll need spring compressors otherwise it will never budge,

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Obviously that's all the advice I can give you as I'm 200+ miles away, sorry

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