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  1. As above I need both doors drivers side in 95h (dark blue) for my classic thanks
  2. Right iv just spoke to the bloke at as performance and he knows his stuff and he said the ones I want are roger Clark gaskets at 0.78mm but they are over £150 but I can go up to 1.0mm steel gaskets so where is the best place to get the gaskets
  3. Sorry mate I will have to leave it for now coz I need to do the head gaskets
  4. Hi do you still have the hks style dump valve
  5. Thanks for that and I will ring them tomorrow but check this item out on eBay because in title it says its for all years of classics 1996 to 2000 with engine code ej20g but mine is ej205 in discription it says only from 96-98 what are the differences between the 2 engines because mine is 2000 thanks 120519919029
  6. My car needs the headgaskets doing but I was told by the garage which I trust and he knows his stuff,he said if he was me he would fit 1.6mm vrs fibre gaskets but it says on eBay that the fibre gasket is for ej20g but mine is ej205 can anyone tell me if they are the same coz I asked the bloke if they fitted both but he wasn't sure but he did tell me (through my reg) the only one for my car is a steel headgaskets My car is a Subaru v5 x reg
  7. I have one for sale for £45 its not too loud but has a nice burble too it its a 2 1/2in cat back system
  8. And how do you do a self code check
  9. I changed the plugs and it was the same but could it be the maf
  10. In need of some help right when I'm driving round normal driving without hitting boost the car drives spot on but as soon as I go to put my foot down it hesitates and splutters when trying to boost but all iv checked so far is a boost leak somewhere and boost solenoid and both are fine so now I'm stuck Thanks
  11. I think this one might be shot so where is the best place to get one and what is icp thanks
  12. I thought every classics maf had a colour so you could tell the difference but can anyone tell me what this one is on my v5 thanks
  13. As above I have for sale a cat from a v5 classic in perfect working order Collection from Gravesend kent or you can send a courier £50 Iv borrowed the pic but mine is the same
  14. I have for sale a cat back stainless system it is 2 1/2in with a 3 1/2in tip it sounds good but isn't too loud but I'm not sure on the make You can send a courier Collection from Gravesend kent £45