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Track day tyres for STI 2004, any advice ?

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I was in the sameboat as you recently. I ended up going for some Bridgestone RE070. Purely because they were designed for the impreza and they are a good allround performance tyre. So i can drive to a trackday and drive home onthem. Iv used ad08's round the nurburgring and they are phenomenal as a pure track tyre. Iv heard people rave about the NS2R's but im not afan 

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I have heard good opinion on toyo R888 mainly because one of my mate is running them on an exige. The car felt totally planted. Budget wise I don't want to go over over the top as it will be my first track day events. I need build up  experience first :D

The subaru is also my everyday car so would you recommend running high performance tyre for road and track or have a second set of tyres for the track ?

@Raceface_13 How does the Bridgestone feel on track ? I think they could be a good choice but with winter coming in a few months they might get slippery on the wet.

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Federal 595's are very soft compound and lethal in the wet. I had a set on my 172 Clio and they really weren't good. R888-R's are meant to be good for track use and on the road. They replaced the R1-R's.

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