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2004 legacy GT timing belt intervals

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Hi guys,


ive been searching this forum and others to no joy.  I've a 2004 JDM Legacy GT 2.0 with 90,000 miles.   I can't find any history of a timing belt done in the records.  Does anyone know the belt intervals on the 2L turbo?   Also do people mostly change the water pump at the same time?   Thanks as always.  

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I'm not sure the exact mileage for a change but given the age and mileage without history best advice would be get a kit done. Water pump is a hot subject. If you've got no history and for the sake of 30 quid its worth doing for peace of mind.

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Hey Scoobyghost,

you are echoing my inner thoughts.  I have an excellent history since 08 as the previous owner did all his work in a main dealer (his poor wallet) but the history before import is all in Japanese!!  I've read it's 105k for the 2.5l so I'm sure it'd be no harm to do it early especially as the kit is cheap. As for the water pump I agree. Every time I did a TB in an mx5 I always did the water pump I just wasn't sure if the GT was the same.  Thanks for the input.  

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