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Need advice on getting more of that classic scooby sound.

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Hi, as the header suggests I'm looking for advice on how to improve the exhaust tone on my scoob.

I have a 2002 Impreza GX and I'd like to get more of that classic Subaru sound.

My car has that burble but it's far too quiet so I'm looking for suggestions / advice on how make my ru sound like a scooby should sound. ☺ 

Having done some digging around on the net I'm thinking different air filter and possibly making changes to the exhaust itself but unsure if making these changes would have negative results in the way the car runs because she runs perfectly now. Don't want to ruin that!

As I said I've not got much in the way of experience with these things so any advice you can give me will be most appreciated. 



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Hi yes it is equal length manifold. Car is standard throughout.

Will look into getting the manifold changed for definite as it's more of the burble I'm after, can't go too loud with it as I have some very early starts with my job and neighbours wouldn't be impressed with a 5am wake up call. Lol.

Maybe a little louder wouldn't hurt though. ☺ 

Thanks for the advice. You've given me a good starting point. 

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