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Legacy diesel MY08/09 CRANKSHAFT


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HI I have a 09 Legacy Diesel that's been diagnosed with cracked crankshaft. I know this is very common with this model. Having no help from the technical manager in Subaru Ireland keeps fobbing me off and also trys to ignore emails. Contacted Subaru Europe in Belgium and they play the same game, reply telling me to contact Subaru Ireland then don't reply to any further emails. Does anyone have any contact email for Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan. 

Costing me €4k to fix despite so many stories of the crankshaft being inferior. Customer service is very poor from this company I had so much respect for, having owned three previous impreza as far as I can see. 

Thanks for reading. 

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yes is sad , the diesel has cost them a lot of reputation points.

Amazed how slack the engineering was on it & how poor customer service has been on all the diesel fault areas .

Trouble also will be as diesels age & cost fortune to fix it will hit reputation even further making the legendary reliability & 250,000 mile with ease a thing of the past .

Ideally want go to subaru dealer in person & do some research first, even if help you out bill will be as much or more as options from non dealer specialist . best option is later model diesel swap but sourcing can be slow .


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Thanks Mr B, I appreciate the reply. I have ordered the newer short block which is supposed to be better but just no confidence in it either. Crazy really considering their partnership with Toyota on some projects, Toyota who have been making diesels for ages could have helped Subaru in the design phase I'm sure 

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