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Going to sell my Scooby Outback; What's it worth?


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I have one car too many; so my darling wife is nagging me to sell the 202 Scooby 2.5 AWD Outback.

it's in very nice condition with 58,000 miles on it; sailed through the MOT with nothing needed to do; serviced regularly; and drives beautifully.  for sale without the Registration Number as it is.


What's it worth?  A very low mileage Scooby Outback 2.5  >>>>>







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Not too many 2.5 manuals, and even less low mileage super clean ones .

If very very clean/original it worth another 50% of book prices .
As a guide I would say about £2,000
I do prefer your model shape & also think the blue with 2 tone works well on the shape & against black trimming..

Coming up to time when sales improve for AWD too.

Downside is many don't like the 2.5 due to head gasket problems plus many looking at 2.5 or 3.0 later model which quite cheap to buy & fair few around .

Start high & see how goes, someone who after one and appreciates a clean car not going grumble as hell of a lot of car for the money & potentially a few years of trouble free enjoyable & versatile cheap motoring to boot .

I'm always happy to pay 500 to 1,000 for clean original paintwork & cars that had caring owners/been garaged as pleasure of clean car & reduced small niggles & problems pays you back with interest .Sensible cost also helps it go to worthy new owner rather than some eBay bargain jack-ar5e :-)




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Thanks Mr, B.

I really do appreciate your opinion on value.

The car belonged to my Brother (who passed away October 2015)  A few people offered to buy the car from me; but at the time I just couldn't part with it.  Had several offers over £3000.00 for it.   Now I'm thinking that the time has come to let it go; I'm the only driver in the family, and to keep two cars running; what with: Tax, insurance, MOT and Servicing on two vehicles, it's a costly outlay when your on a meagre pension.

My Brother bought the car when it was 1, year old; and he owned it for over 13, years, until he died in Oct, 2015.

He loved the car and really looked after it; there are a few marks here and there; but overall the body is pretty good,  had a full service done also MOT a month ago, the car sailed strait through the MOT; the mechanic was very impressed with the car.

Going on your recommendations; I will ask £2500. ono for the vehicle.   Do you think that's a fair price?




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If likes of timing belt been recently done and all tyres a1 matching set I would possibly try 2,750 to start. Not many manuals on market so someone maybe keen. That sort of money gives lot of options on later model outbacks but obviously twice mileage.

You can only sell it once and as low mileage and good owners history make most of it and hopefully you will pass it on to someone who'll appreciate it. If I have any serious requests on an outback I'll check out your selling status. Good luck .

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Thanks Mr, B.

I'd like it to go to someone who would love the car. The torc and  pulling power is amazing; and I'm getting 25/26, mph local area driving, with 40,mph on a run. This car has had an easy life with my Brother; he nursed it carefully.   Truthfully; I don't really wan't to part with it!    Although the tax - insurance etc... is a crippling expense for us with two cars.

I may keep the Registration Number; or sell it separately ? 

Your help and advise appreciated.

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You can get very attached to a family car.
I have similar issue with old 94 2.2 legacy that my father had for many many years, keep it going as it like a family member & carries lot of memories.
Perhaps try friend network first as could be nice see it around and here about how it going .
Is a shame having it sat about not getting used much & creating you unneeded annual bills.
I'm fortunate as couple old loved cars I got can sit around the workshop, get used occasionally & covered on trade insurance so not creating to much expense.
Hope it works out well for you & the car .


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for the numberplate, you can always get a free valuation from someone like reg transfers: https://www.regtransfers.co.uk/sell/selling-registrations

might be worth a shot before you decide to sell it with or without the private plate.  Keep in mind the £80 transfer fee you would need to pay, so take that off any sale figure you get.

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What's it worth Registration valuations  would like to have my Number Plate.  they offered £1000  But I know It's worth more!  Moto X  and 7050 MX oil companies are always interested.  I hope to keep the number; but the Scooby is certainly worth £2500 of anyones money ;  it's a lot of low mileage car - for not much money.    

Anyone interested ? please message me for viewing etc...

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