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instrument panel bulbs


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I dont have a dimming range on this car their just on The bright switch however dont work the clock stays the same brightness so will look at the switch itself when i replace the bulbs behind their. Previous owner has messed about with all the dash sprayed it silver which has bubbled so going to pull it off and re do it all and check all wires as the heater control sometimes dont work either think loose connection. Also do the side lights stay on front and rear when engine is on? I know the parking switch works when keys are out but for some reason even when engine is running the lights are alway on despite the switch being off

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Yes it was a pain to do to be honest very fidley. I used the same t5 bulbs that are in the instrument panel. But the light reflecters (plastic tube that reflects light) next to the bulbs are only half their. The other have was missing i guess who ever done them before broke them as the bulbs i replaced was coloured in with what looks like permanent marker

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