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Wing mirror


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So I came home to this!

I have a 210 bhp 2005 forester xt

I've had it a month if that so no idea if it's heated or anything but the wing mirrors is fine. 

It has been ripped off where it attached to the a pillar. 

I need some help with a part number and maybe a part to ASAP.

So angry!



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That sucks ...

Yours is the facelift version SG XT so has indicator in the mirror, any late 2005(2006to be sure) to 2008 SG will be same .

Won't be cheap even used, try few local breakers then subaru specialist breakers, even eBay be light on options for these late SG mirrors .

you may be able temporary re-attach which will give you more time find suitable replacement . new is silly money .
We paid around £60 for nice used ones before, can be more and very rare anything decent for late SG going be under £50.

Plus side, O/S normally easier source as N/S gets more demand from mirror to mirror clipping .


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MR B you are a hero!

Thank you for the info. They are looking like hen's teeth unfortunately.

I have managed to bodge it into place, it is actually going into the garage today as CD auto changer didn't work from purchase so might get them to fill/glue with apoxy resin (or the correct spelling) as a temp fix.


At least now I know what I'm after.

cheers guys

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Yeh we had limited options when needed one, used subaru breakers as none locally .

Do get listed on eBay every now and then .

Just do half decent bodge to keep it in place (don't want it dropping down damaging door) & hunt one down .

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