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Deus Ex, mankind divided review


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One i wrote on steam,


So, where to start.


First off I loved the revamp of Deus ex (HR), I've played through it several times now and don't get bored (that's saying alot for me). So when I saw the initial announcement of mankind divided I couldn't wait.


Bought it and waited the gruelling 2 hours for it to download (22.7gb download) and excitedly fired it up. It first arrives at a loading screen where you can go into settings and various other options before you go into the game (same as fallout 4). Dropped into the settings and cranked it to max, (I’m running i7 4790k, 16gb ram, evga gtx 980 and runs every other game cranked up) and clicked the launch game.


And straight away I noticed something didn't look right. Frame rate at the intro adverts was running around 30fps. I wondered if they had just limited it since it wasn't doing much so got to the main menu and started a new game.


First sight of the graphics it looked pretty good, then as I started to move I got major stuttering, lag and the fps had dropped to 11's and 12's. wtf?????? my first thought was has my computer got a memory leak (occasionally does) closed the game down and no leak. I rebooted just in case and started again only to be met with the same thing. After cutting down various settings to medium I tried again, 15's and 16's fps. The game was still pretty unplayable.


At this point I went hunting and sure enough found various reports of poor frame rates. I finally came across a thread saying turn off MSAA or as low as possible. So dropped back into the settings, cranked everything to max and turned MSAA right down. Went back into the game and fps was up to high 20's except when first going into an area. So still not great but playable.


Graphically it doesn't look that good with MSAA turned off so pretty disappointed on that front.


I've also noticed several instances where players walk through each other in cut scenes, watch one conversation with half the screen obscured by a floating toupee and eye ball (obviously camera inside someone’s head).


The gameplay is pretty much as the first one so pretty good, the controls feel a little funky when trying to aim compared to the first one, so something has been done there that didn't need to be. (From what I read sounds like they have acceleration turned on which is affecting it) You do get used to it though.


Skills are pretty much as the first with some added new ones (not going to give any spoilers on that one ;) )


story line so far seems pretty good, some characters from the first one make a return and some are mentioned but I’ve not seen them as of yet.


Overall it has to be said I’m pretty disappointed. They could have taken the previous game play, revamped the graphics, new story and it would have made a great game, but sadly the developers have tried to do too much to fix what wasn't broken. Add in the clunky feel to the play and then the poor graphics performance and it gives it a very unfinished edge to the game.


At the current price I can't recommend the game until they have fixed some of the issues it has. Only way to describe it is a good game that is let down because its unfinished.



Currently i'd give it a  rating of 55% throttle.

If they sort out the issues it would be alot higher

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That's what I mean I don't think I've played many games that they haven't had a patch out to fix some issues in ages. I think they're just rushing them out almost releasing all games in beta state :unsure:

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