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Rim size increase for Impreza wagon

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Hello all, first time posting here and hoping for some advice. Never been much of a petrolhead but I picked up my first Scooby a few months back and I've been enjoying tweaking it.


I've been trying to figure out what wheels I can get away with on my Impreza GX and after using a load of these "calculator" type sites I'm still none the wiser. I'm currently running the stock 195/60R15 on there but I've been offered a set from an '01 Forester at 215/60R16. Now, I've read enough to understand that when plus-sizing I should be keeping the circumference the same and reducing the tyre profile, whereas this gives me an 8% increase in size.


Is anyone able to give me a cliff notes version of what sort of performance loss I'm going to be looking at, or whether I should just abandon the idea as they're likely to foul unless I play with the suspension? Cheers!

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Should be OK only thing to look at is how they sit under the arch due to the foz being an offset of +48 where as the impreza is +55

Millions of oem impreza16 &17 inch rims available 2nd hand that will be a perfect fit

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Cheers for the reply so far guys, I realised the speedo would be out but someone mentioned I could get it recalibrate? Or is that just more hassle than it's worth?


Also, I've had a look at the offset and I think it only pushes the rims out by an extra 20mm which shouldn't be too much of an issue I don't think? My major concern is the arch gap, where I lose over an inch of clearance, and I have no idea how to determine the maximum play in the suspension. Is there a way to figure it out, short of fitting the new wheels and pressing down on the corners? Last thing I want to do is hit a bump and ram the wheels into the arch.

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