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New owner help needed!


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Hi all I've just purchased a 2006 forester 2.5xt. I used to own an Audi RS6 but I needed something that was cheaper to repair and considerably more reliable. The problem being I don't know a thing about subarus!

Ive just had a quick inspection of it at a local Subaru dealer and have been told that my front lower arms are in poor condition due to corrosion and a bush has 'pulled through.' 

So i was planning on replacing the front arms for new units, however finding a set has been a bit of an issue. Are the front wishbones the same on a 2.0 as a 2.5xt? I've been a bit worried as googling them shows USED ones at over £300 pair, which seems rather steep?!

also the report has bought up corrosion in the centre exhaust section. I have the prodrive package on the car with the stainless backbox, can I just get a standard stainless centre section to fit up to from anywhere?

No doubt I'll be along in the future with many more questions!

thanks in advance!


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Hello & welcome,

With regards to the wishbones I'm not sure@mrB is your best man for that, but 90% of impreza parts of the same year will bolt straight up,

You may find a centre section on the bay too, or get a stainless one mad up for relatively cheap

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Best bet is used alloy arms off the jdm forester .

They don't rot & are much more rigid & less unsprung weight too which all good ...

Impreza newage fit and can also pinch alloy ones off sti..2,,0 & 2.5 same ...
Can't buy pattern steel arms for SG, plenty for old SF at about £55 each new but they don't rot like the later ones lol .
We source used steel and alloy, alloy being best match for a decent xt ...

Here's a set on eBay at potentially VERY sensible money >

link to another thread on subject here >


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as for exhaust review how solid it is as may have some life left, pipes can look real scabby but still last couple years+ if solid !
Best option on these is get  a section made at a local longlife or powerflow centrer. It will be stainless, built to spec & quite affordable generally ( centre section quite cheap knock up )

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Excellent find. I'll be having those eBay ones then, get them cleaned up and painted. While it's all apart should I revuid them with white line/super pro polys or are they liable to give me a nasty ride? 


Thanks for your help, seems like a nice forum!

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I would suggest stick with standard if look good, the front bush could be swapped to a poly bush but rear tends be best left if just road use .
New Moog or 555-Japan balljoints would be good & droplinks (Meyle HD) if ones on it look old, parts are pretty cheap and those brand items are tough ...
Job jobbed & won't need touching in years .

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Just an update with a quick question. My car is now at the garage with the alloy arms, new ball joints and bushes ready to go on. 

Question is, do the control arms affect the ability of the stock ARB, or will I have to change it to suit the new arms to an STI ARB? 

Also do I need to use a different type of drop link?

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