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We will have less of that language round here....

Remember that song -  the only way is up - haha its a well known fact that it was written about the rear wing of an impreza just like ours.

Im shocked you didnt know that 😉

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haha I hear you, not gonna lie though mate as a daily it's not for me, I reckon if I lose a few inches it'll look much better...like I was saying to someone else if it was a 600bhp track beast then yer I'd leave but nothing wrong with trying because if it doesn't look good I can get some taller brackets

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Things have changed, spoke to the guy at the garage and he was saying it actually does make a difference on the road, obviously at high speeds I know it puts downforce on the back end just didn't realise how much it affected it just assumed it was best for flying round a track with anyway he was saying because it's the height of the roof it's catching the air flow where as if I lowered it, it wouldn't be so there you go she's staying :)

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