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Euro Road trip?


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Anyone driven their subaru round Europe? Is it much hassle getting organised? Relatives providing accommodation so no hotels etc needed just wondering what's required car wise and how advisable it is in a sf forester? 

Been to the Isle of Wight in it last year from Cumbria and it didn't skip a beat, apart from a suspect dodgy fuel pump causing surging problems on the motorway, any experiences welcomed :-) 

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Family get together in Munich (don't ask, seemed a good idea to turn it into a decent drive since I don't like flying) as for the V power... Don't use it much here, as much as I know i should I can't imagine the previous owners running it on it and it's done 140k so pretty convinced the damage has already been done lol 

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I went through Brussels, Germany, Switzerland and France.

2000 miles in 10 days!

Had no trouble with high octane fuel, its all I would put in!

My 2008 STI ran fine, full service before I went and didn't miss a beat! Even got 160mph on the autobahn!

Beat part was the Swiss passes! Grimsel & Susten 

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