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Confused by Sigma alarm


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Heya. Just got my first subaru impreza. I'm confused about the sigma alarm. If I open the car on the alarm button, I have to start the car within 30 seconds otherwise it immobilises. 

To then get the car to start, I have to press the sigma button twice? It rearms the first time, and then unarms and I'm able to start. This seems rather excessive. Surely there's a simpler way?

I haven't got the code for the key pad, but have managed to change it using a code I found online. 

But even when I put the code in after 30 seconds, it rearms the car then I have to put the code in again in order to unarm so I can start it. 

Am I making a stupid mistake? Please can someone help. 

Aside from that I love the car! 

Cheers, zoe 

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I've had an issue with my sigma alarm fob not working due to signal block from local radio towers. This means I have to sometimes use the pad. So unlock the car with key then pop the code into the keypad then start the car. You have the usual 30 second time before you have to go through the whole thing again. Oh and my drivers door does not open with the key so I have to use the passenger door which isn't so blooming funny when it's raining lol

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