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Catalytic converter

Dornford Roberts

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My 2004 2.5 Outback needs a new catalytic converter and I have been quoted around £700 for a new one, fitted.

I don't want to spend that much (the car is probably only worth £1000) and as its MOT is due soon, thought that a salvaged one would be a good idea if it is cheap, as all it needs to do is get the car through its MOT.

Does anyone know where I could track down a salvaged catalytic converter or a much cheaper new one (tho my garage says don't get a very cheap new one as it won't pass the MOT?)

I would also be grateful for any other suggestions



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Story of my life! The outback has been brilliant other than this. Not taken it offroad so don't know why it has disintegrated.

Definitely not heatshield. I have been under the car and someone has revved it and you can hear the internal rattling. All heatshields, bolts etc are sound and secure.

No major drop in performance recently

Car prob only worth £1000 so £700 cost of new fitted cat a bit unwelcome, which is why I am trying to locate a scrapped vehicle one.

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When I had my outback, the place that supplied and fitted my stainless exhaust system said come to them if I ever had cat issues as they could resolve way cheaper than a dealer. Was a long life exhaust franchise

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