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Prosport gauges fitted


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Right I have had my prosport gauges fitted by Richard Henry, I thought there would be a switch on them to select amber or white, turns out there isn't and you have to wire them in differently, I have rang Andy this morning and he hasn't done that and just assumed I wanted them on amber.


If its to much messing around I will just keep them on amber.


But what I was hoping was is there an easy way to now wire the spare white wire into the brightness switch on my left stalk.


That was I could switch between white and amber when ever I want.


If so any advice or how to would be great! thanks!

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I have some but mines blue and red been meaning to do this myself but never got round to it. But I'm going for mine to be blue in the day and red at night by wiring it to the headlight switch. But if you're just want one colour or so you can switch to both ? 

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You just need to find a supply that comes on with the lights if your light socket lights up use a multi meter to determine which wire it is and connect onto that. If you wanted it on a different switch to the headlights then take it from an ign live and wire in your own switch between supply and gauge.

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