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Forester 06 / Cruise Control & engine management warning !!


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I hope one of you guys may be able to help me with this annoying issue on my Subaru Forester 2.0 XE Auto. I intermittently have the green cruise control light flashing at me along with the orange engine management warning. First had this about a year ago and connected my OBD2 scanner to see if there were any fault codes relating to this. There were a few codes so I cleared them all and disconnected, re started engine and all was good. Now about a year later same lights back on again. Connected OBD2 scanner again and this time no codes at all. Disconnected, re started engine and all was good. Now two weeks later lights back on again. As I do a lot of motorway driving where I rely on my cruise control this is a total pain !!!!. Is it maybe a sensor somewhere deep in the engine that needs changing ?

Any help or advice greatly received !!!





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Hi Brian

I had exactly the same problem on my 2.5 2009 Outback. Turned out to be a dodgy/dirty Oil pressure sensor. Apparently the Cruise control disables automatically when the Engine Management light comes on.

Cleaned the sensor up and never seen the problem again. Like you I do a lot of cruise/motorway driving. I was advised to give it some welly from time to time to blow out the cobwebs...

Might be worth a visit to the garage for a cleanup...


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