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  1. BrianP1

    Havant/Portsmouth area

    I'm in the area if theres enough interest...
  2. BrianP1

    Gen 5 fusebox/relays info needed

    These are taken from my 2016 Outback. Being UK Spec it is the 2.5 engine so not sure if this will make any difference to the fuse box layout... anyway hope it helps...
  3. BrianP1

    Dash cam recommendation please

    I have the Transcend DrivePro 220 installed in both the STI and the Outback. Never failed (touch wood) and the video is top quality and it has GPS for speed etc... The Outback has Eyesight like the Levorg - I have placed the camera to the left of the Eyesight Camera... Its slightly obstructive to the view of the passenger, but the wife doesn't seem to complain too much...
  4. BrianP1

    Need advise on 64 wrx sti.

    No problems with mine, all be it I have only done 7500 miles... have you had the alloys checked for damage? If you've been unfortunate enough to hit a pot hole or two the inside of the alloy is normally the first place to get the damage and hence the psi drop...
  5. BrianP1

    Need a favour - Outback 2016

    Spoke to my local Subaru dealer this morning and they sent me a picture from one they had in stock... Its correct! Phew, panic over!
  6. Are there any 2017 outback owners out there that could do me a huge favour? I picked up a stone chip in the windscreen that turned into a significant crack and thus needed a new windscreen. After waiting nearly 2 weeks for a replacement windscreen to come into stock through Subaru UK, it was replaced today... However, I had to be away with work in the STI, so left the Wife in charge of meeting and greeting etc... Now heres the thing, I've just come home and looked at the job, and if I didn't know better I would say there were rubbers missing from the two sides and top edge of the windscreen... but as I didn't look that closely beforehand I can't be sure... it just looks like all the edges are exposed? Now it may be absolutely normal and like that out of the factory, but I have no reference... Is there any owners out there that can take a close up picture of their own windscreens (side and top edge) and post it here for comparison??? If so I would be very grateful... Thanks in advance Bri
  7. BrianP1

    Outback headlamps and tyres

    I had Continental WinterContact TS850's, great tyre that I kept on all year round with no problems at all... high mileage driver and I got 55K miles out of them before they needed replacing!! I'd have them all day long! Never experienced any aquaplaning or anything... also had some light off roading in them also... A VERY Competent tyre!
  8. BrianP1

    2017 STI in the house

    Ouch! Must admit to not being to my taste, but does make the front end a lot more aggressive! Interested to know what your running total of mods is now?
  9. BrianP1

    2017 STI in the house

    Mines factory standard - nothing done, although I did manage this today!! Got the car booked in to the dealership on Tuesday just to inspect the brakes and see whats going on...
  10. BrianP1

    2017 STI in the house

    Likewise, I'm more than happy with mine at the moment... Daily driving and 300 ponies is plenty! Quick question, have you experienced any squealing from the brakes? I'm getting it under what I'd describe as daily braking ie normal approach to a junction etc... if I bury the pedal a bit more it stops squealing but its very annoying. I've treated the brakes to some hard braking to try and clean them up a bit but to no avail. just clocked 4K this morning on the way into work and its started doing it in the last 300-500miles... Anyone else had this? Brian
  11. BrianP1

    alloy repair

    Hi AJ, I had a similar issue with my 2017 STI when the wife drive it for the first time!!!! I wasn't happy! I had a about 2 inches taken off... Looked into getting a refurb, but couldn't get a guarantee of colour match to the other alloys! Seems to be common across the industry as manufacturers don't share the paint codes! The alternative is a repair... for this they rub down the affected area then spray and blend in the affected area... about the same cost which ever route you go down - between £65-£90 depending on who you use... As a temporary measure, and due to a stroke of luck I had someone visit the family car to do a windscreen repair and chap that came out also does wheel repairs... he just did a touch up for me on the affected wheel to take the 'eye' off the damage and its worked really well. I'll probably get a proper repair done at some point in the future but for now it will do... I know what you mean about he depth of paint though!!!! It is incredibly thin!
  12. BrianP1

    2016 WRX STi

    LOL - great offer - but I pick up my new STI tomorrow and think the wife would lose it if I came home with two!!!
  13. BrianP1

    2016 WRX STi

    Good luck with the sale, would you consider selling the boot mat/liner separately? If so what would you want for it? Brian
  14. BrianP1

    Owners age

    28 - RB5 33 - RB5 (second one) 36 - Legacy 37 - P1 38 - Outback 40 - WRX STI 2017 (Delivery April 1st!) You're never too old!!!!
  15. BrianP1

    New WRX STi, ownership experience

    Some interesting comments there Daz, and some good points. To be honest I thought about options as you did, but if I'm honest I won't have the funds available until February anyhow, so when it came down to 8 weeks or so I thought I may as well wait. The price going up is a risk I'm aware of but hey, you can't win them all!! some reassuring comments flowman ref mpg. I will be commuting in mine most days (approx 34 miles each way) so knowing you can get something half decent out of it is good!