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Clutch Judder


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Hi Guys,

Well that's me had the Forester for 7 months now and, apart from having to pay an arm and a leg on a pipe to fix the air con, I'm loving it!!

It's a great car to drive, not like an SUV at all it is so smooth and light on the steering and at a normal 43.5 MPG I really can't complain - many thanks to those who took the time to highly recommend it to me all those months ago....

Just one wee question, I am starting to notice a very slight judder when taking off in first gear - not all the time, but noticable sometimes.  Should I be starting to panic about possible clutch replacement or would you put it down to the fact that the temop has dropped drastically in the last week?  It only seems to happen after start up for the initial few 1st gear engagements.

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Pretty much standard across subaru to be honest, I've always had it and it has had a new clutch in this year, once up to temp the notchy 1st to 2nd shift goes the judder is there all the time, bit more revs normally sorts it for me

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On the diesel it can be the clutch or dmf . new clutch complete with dmf is expensive on those, if minimal judder & only when cold it probably go for long while yet but if things get worse get it looked at & if do a clutch be sure do dmf too .

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