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Billie Keen

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Wotcha and welcome - might be a simple fix before going the whole hog, flush with 5.1 replace brake lines with braided alternatives? But what are the symptoms, are you looking for disc & pad replacement or calipers as well?

Here are some off the shelf options


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Hi ya


Thanks for all the replies,

Been looking online and speaking to a very helpful man at Godspeed today.

Although he said his best seller was the "WRX PRO" (or WRX-TREEM now i think he said..) calipers and their std grooved discs and kevlar pads 

We have found a part worn set of Brembo 4 pot calipers and Brembo vented 326mm discs - very good condition i'm told - for sale for 500 quid....   

Him indoors says Brembo is best........but i want to get it right as intend to keep her (and make her fast enough to dust his M3 - and be able to stop safely, of course!!)

I am worried that the stud pattern might not 'be right' as mine is not an STi - and that's what they are coming off of...

Is there anything other than 'holes lining up' that i should be thinking about?

(Picked her up Saturday and the standard brakes on it are warped - if i brake a bit hard, there's unwelcome "shakey shakey" through the steering wheel...

The discs look brand new, so we're assuming the calipers need 'looking at'. It's running about 300bhp - if that matters.....?)

Thanks a million x


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If everything invloved is pre 2005 your golden re stud question.  From what I can make out of your wheels you might have issues with clearance if you went down Brembo route.  I have what look to be the same and they catch. Could resolve with a 4mm spacer though if your not planning on buying new wheels 😁


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I am told.........

It is a 2005 STI Widetrack, hence the discs holes are different, but the mounting holes for the calipers are the same from 2001-2007. 
You can either source different discs with a pcd of 5x100 or the cheaper option is to drill these discs to 5x100....

I'll read all your replies properly in the next few hours - thanks again x

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Widetrack is different stud pattern. Also it wont clear your wheels (unless they are from an sti with the larger offset) to fit brembo's expect you will need to get new wheels or spacers.


WRX-PRO is just a copy of the standard caliper.


for the money your looking at your gonna basic get pads and disk.

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