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V1\V2 Resonator delete pipe


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Ive been searching for a Resonator delete pipe for my early classic wagon.  Ive found a few that work with a pod filter but i want to keep my standard airbox.

Im sure there must be something floating around somewhere that allows you to keep the airbox but get rid of the resonator box.

Does anyone know about or have something that can do the job?



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Ive never really payed attention because I have a classic but if im correct your resonator is in your wheel arch?? I think thats something ive read somewhere about newer models.

V1 and V2 is between the airbox and maf and the turbo return pipe.  The pic I have to hand doesnt show the resonator, i took it to show my mate the bit I had bought was wrong.

It works but not with the oe air box, you need an pod filter.


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22 hours ago, savage bulldogs said:

Apexi do a phase 1 v1/v2 resonator delete emoji6.png

I've got a unbranded one but I might need it if I switch turbo's again , so unfortunately it's not for sale atm

No worries dude, Ive found these things to be rarer than rocking horse !Removed!. Ive been looking for months and havent even seen one for sale! Ive even tried looking on foreign Apexi and HKS sites and cant find one.

Personally I think if you have one and have even the slightest inkling you may need it in the future, keep it!

But if anyone has one and wants to get rid of it.... Give me a shout emoji6.png

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