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Evenin' All!


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Just dropped by to say 'Hello'!

I've just got home after becoming the proud owner of a 2006 facelift Forester 2.5XT manual. Been looking for a while and most of what I've seen has either been a bit rubbish, totally overpriced by used car dealers or both so having found this one I am a very happy bunny at last! Looking forward to some fun times, this car definitely gives the grin factor AND I will be able to get all my crap in the back AND not get stuck where other cars might get stuck!

It's been a good day! :)


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Thanks guys.... will post pics when I get chance, it was dark when I got home after picking it up. I think it needs a bit of a looking at as well as there is a very slight misfire so I need to see who the best Subaru guys are near me. Anybody know? (Bicester, Oxon)

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Well actually..... In the last 24 hours since I bought it the engine management light has come on! It seemed to develop a slight misfire on the way home after buying it, I put a post up about it but got no replies as to what it might be..... I have a nasty feeling my love affair with owning a Forester might turn sour very quickly but I hope not! I'm going to get my local mechanic to give it a going over but he's not a Subaru specialist. I hope I haven't bought a pup!

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