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Strong fuel smell ... help !

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hey guys

I am after some advise as this is my first Subaru so please excuse the first post being a help me post :( 

I have a 2003 legacy GT B E tune 2twin turbo auto
Engine - ej206d
Model bh5

I have had all the pipes I can see checked and tightened but I still have a really strong smell of fuel when it's cold from the middle/sides of the engine block. I've been told it could be the fuel rail but until they start stripping they can't say for sure?

How big of a job is this? How much time?
What parts will I need? as the guy I bought the car from will supply all parts.
Could it be anything else?

Thanks guys, really worrying :(  15078980_10155495383161038_4620463279404

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Is the smell definitely coming from the bay and is there any other running issues ?

As the classic impreza runs 3.5 bar of fuel pressure, so if it was a leak between fuel filter and the last injector, I'd imagine that it would be spraying out and a easy spot (not just dripping ).

Could be charcoal canister /purge system or fuel tank filler neck maybe

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