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Service cost and replacement parts

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In the last week I booked my car in for a major service at my local garage, one of the only places I trust as two of my friends work there . .

I have a 09 330s and about a year ago underwent a full build so trying to keep it on top top shape , The service included them providing the gearbox oil and new spark plugs , I provided the engine oil , but they provided the filter and any other lil bits like sump washer and cabin filter.

The garage has always seamed to be fair on price and are very knowledgeable and I have been going there for over a decade with all my cars and work vans and I always try to recommend them when possible . But this time when I went to pay I felt abit sore as the total came to £398 I felt this was really abit steep or am I just being unreasonable ?

They then went on to tell me I have a huge amount of advisories prob thinking I would book it in there and then which I clearly didn't the main thing was I need discs and pads all round .

Does anybody have any recommendations as to where to buy or what disc and pad combo to go for ? I've seen a black diamond set for a reasonable price but then seen reviews of them cracking where the drilled holes are . And I'm not really a fan of ebc brakes , also I've seen some rear brake discs are more than fronts how does that make sense? Basically looking for recommendations

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My 1st major service was about 360 so doesn't seem too far out, depends what was used,

As for brakes have a look at godspeed that's all they do so will be able to recommend & sell you some nice stuff

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Thanks for that I've checked out their site and I think I'm going to order tomorrow saved myself a few hundred too

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