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Iphone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7 edge?


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I trying to make up my mind what phone to get next. I have had Iphones since the iphone 3G way back, which in turn works and sync's well with my MacBook. But I'm thinking of a change from iphone. I like the waterproof abilities of the 7 edge and I guess it will be rugged enough to take the pounding and sweating when out on the mountain walking or climbing summer and winter. 

I have a lot of apps and music tied up in Iphone which it is my understanding that they are easy enough to change to the 7 edge. 

Whats poeples thoughts and experience of changing to from Apple to another smart phone.  




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I'd go for standard s7 as the edge is a bit of a novelty thing, besides makes using a case a pita,

Never been an Apple fan since they !Removed! me over on one of the original Ipods, (petty and I'm not gonna change the world but my personal choice)

Can't fault the s7 though all good

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Like yourself mate i was in this situation 6+months ago! After years and years of iphones and an insane amount of them breaking on me and there stupid software upgrades i decided to make the jump to the S7 edge on release date ....... The best thing i ever did! 

I will happily say il never own an iphone again the Samsung is world above Apple when it comes to phones HOWEVER ...........

Theres is only one downside to the Samsung S7 the gorilla glass isnt all that strong, my wife and sister in-law are both on their second screens! one cracked when being lightly dropped in a handbag and the other was cracked when sitting down with skinny jeans on!

But saying that mine has held together ok and im not exactly the nicest to my phones but it does put you on edge about the screen

Go for the change man, will be worth it!!!




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