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Can anyone help me with this puzzle?


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Hi guys, 

OK it seems the steering column on my UK turbo my98 is either from a jdm or it's on the wrong way round. I know this because I've tried 2 different indicator units and have the same problem which is that the indicator will not self cancel unless you turn the wheel over 180 degrees which points to the cancellation peg on the column being on the wrong side. 

So the question is, is it possible to turn the steering column 180 degrees and is it a hard job or do I need a new column? 

Or if there are any other fixes you guys know of?

I know it sounds trivial but it's a real pain in the !Removed!! 

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not familiar with your model but steering columns I have played with in past could only go in one way or had a pin / knuckle joint at the base which would mean 180˚ out could be possible.

When fitting aftermarket steering wheel bosses they were bolt mount so could be rotated

Have you had the wheel off? Could you post some pics?


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Hi Jay, 

I have some free time tomorrow so I plan to change the knock sensor and get the wheel off and take a look. 

Having looked at a few pics online I'm not confident that the boss can be turned the opposite way but I'll take a look. I'll take a look to see if there's a pin that can be removed to turn the shaft instead but I've not attempted something like that before.

My last option might be an aftermarket boss and wheel as you mentioned you can turn those ones. That is if the peg that cancels the indicators is on the aftermarket boss and that it doesn't just bolt onto the original one already on the shaft? 

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OK, so the first pic is the offending part in its current position. 

The second pic is with it at 180% turned and the indicator cancelling function works as it should in this position but the steering wheel will not fit back on over the wires in this position, included pic of wheel to show gaps. 

I thought of unscrewing the unit and but it is connected at the bottom by a  wire which seems like its sealed into the unit so no go there. 

Finally, the last pic shows where the steering lock engages which seems dodgy as hell to me the car drives straight and the panel gaps are good so there doesn't seem to be signs of a crash and it's not on the history.





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