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All terrain tyre suggestions


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Hi all,


my forester currently has some cheap ditch finders fitted fitted by the dealer I bought it off. I'm looking to replace them with some all terrains, ones that will take a little bit of snow driving in the fells and will cope with a muddy track/verge or two. Anyone got any suggestions? Our tubs of lard at work have run flat toyos open country A/T fitted that seem to do a half decent job of keeping their 5&1/2 tonnes on the road, maxis 771 bravos and continental cross contact all come up within budget. Has anyone got any experience of these?





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Rather than A/T, ones I like and think great buy are Hankook optimo 4S , excellent in snow, ice, winter rain etc, quite good on muddy tracks but obviously heavier A/T tread beats it here.It all down to what usage you doing and annual mileage too really, likes of the optimo also good fuel rating and that helps quite a bit in the fozzy mpg.
I got toyo open country on one of mine, they okay and got them as local tyre supplier had them left over from buyer who dropped out so done him a favour and had them, optimo 4S far far better if mainly road/hardish tracks and similar cost .


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