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North weld test n tune 7th may ?

savage bulldogs

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This popped up on a face book group and I thought that I'd give you lot the heads up.

I could easily get them to squeeze a few extra scoobs on their stand . Or if there's enough interest maybe do a s.o.c stand ?

Either way it looks like a cheap'ish day out as I think it's £10 per car entry fee and £25 if you want to run down the strip .

Only got a link to the venue ,not the actual event atm but here it is anyways .


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That's where I spotted it gaz , just knew there was a few members on here in the south east and thought I'd see how much interest there is .

If there's only a few on here I'm sure chez will make room but if there's quite a few from here we could probably get our own stand sorted 😉

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Already signed up for it clive :-)

Cant wait for all the meets/shows to kick off and get a bit more time out in the scoob.

Be good to see a SOC stand there and will spend time on both if it happens and if not tag along with ESC for a great day out :-)

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