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CG Lock? (OE 3 point belt locking)


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Not brave enough to put a harness without investing into a bar/cage at the moment, so looking at alternatives. I am going to pick up some STI seats soon, but I was thinking of ways to lock in the seat belt properly. One of the good ways is just to move the seat back/breathe in, jam the belt and move back. Though for something more - consistent - I found this old old product.


it seems it's quite popular in US, but I found little to-no active sites/shops that sell this in Europe. Only this page: http://shop.rx8oc.co.uk/CG-Lock/p664353_8044331.aspx
It's not cheap and it's a question if they have it a stock as well, but... anybody else? tried it? other alternatives? 




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I had a look around for these as well a while back and couldn't find anything. It looked like they had stopped selling them or gone out of business.... but I could be wrong. If you find they are still available I'd certainly be interested in buying one.

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So I had a real good look around for this one and the guy who invented CG Lock now has a new company/product and it's called SHOFT. It's more designed for keeping you posture and is super easy to fit. I bought a pack of two to try and for 25 quid I don't think you can go wrong. It's no way as tight as the original CG Lock and does work it's way lose over time, but is a definite half way house and I'm happy with it for the price.

Worth a try in my opinion.

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