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UEL sport special

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So after doing my 2001 NA legacy exhaust after a split in the cat,

my girlfriends cat (2000 NA Impreza sport special) has a hole which is probably actually a split again after some quick welding from a friend.

So she gave me money and asked to order a new cat (only £100 from cats_2_u on eBay) but saw the opportunity to get a stainless steel uel manifold :)

As it was short notice got one from toyosports on eBay for £150, seems similar to the one I got from the US minus a toyosports badge but needed it within a week so spent maybe around £50 more than I would of needed to, then got a new lambda etc as well.

Cat came with all fittings plus 2 O2 blocking plugs (has 2 holes in cat where I would only need one)

Manifold came with gaskets and bolts to cat (one from the US came with bolts for manifold to head, but from memory they didn't fit well?)

Will see how this one goes, this is the first car she's had that she loves, the others were just a tool, she even had a go of people taking pictures of her car (thinking it was due to her parking etc) to find out they were just parents looking to get a Subaru for their daughter!

Anyways will update on fitting incase other sport owners wish to do the same thing!

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Probably to not completely copy another companies design :) got it on in the end, hammer wedged in between 2 pipes with knee to push on it to spread them apart and spanner against exhaust flange and some solid bit of the car..

Main problem I had was getting cat-mid pipe bolts off (didn't have spare so needed to reuse)

Ended up having to cut through one... Again the worlds smallest hacksaw saves the day!

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