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To remap or not - 2.5XT


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Hi, I have a 2004 2.5xt which is standard apart from:

- Cosworth panel air filter

- decat last/3rd cat pipe (one underneath before mid pipe)

- Impreza STI mid pipe and back box

she's on just shy of 98k with good service history, and given the above I am weighing up the benefits of a remap. Now realistically it's a family car and driven sedately most of the time, and has more than enough power for me really. Having said that a few extra hp would be nice, but more important is probably any mpg gains I might see. 

So given it's an old car and will likely need a few quid spending on general repairs etc while I have it, do folk who know more than me, or have had their foz done, think it would be worth the investment of getting it mapped. It's running fine as is with the little tweaks. Oh, and how much is a map likely to cost I have £500 odd in my head? Many thanks, Andrew

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A map should get you better driveability throught the rev range due to a few more bhp and as teh engine will be properly set up for the mods done it should run more efficiently therefore getting some more MPG - costs vary per tuner etc £500 is a realistic figure. If not already (over five years) replace your fuel pump so you have a good solid flow for the map, may be up the capacity / flow rate capability a little from standard, consider some new plugs and maybe run some injector cleaner through your system a couple of times before the map session.

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Just to update this the old girl did get through at MOT time with just a few bulbs required. Fitted a TSL Group N exhaust which fits/sounds much better than the newage STI one that was on there, and also a Prodrive Y pipe to add to the mid decat and Cosworth filter. I think these engines stock are meant to be about 210bhp/235lb-ft? Mine managed 227bhp/250lb-ft with the mods before mapping, and then 253bhp/320lb-ft after. A world of difference to drive with the big increase in torque, highly recommended. 

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