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Secondary Air System advice needed

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Hi everyone. I know that this subject has been discussed many, many times, but I am still confused. I have an 06 Forester 2.5 XT. The CEL is on and is indicating that there are problems with the secondary air system. The car has big miles on it and is not worth a lot for money so I don't want to spend a fortune on it. From reading other posts and forums the general advice seems to be to remove entire system and delete it from the ecu. The problem is my car has the PPP and from what I gather this means the ecu map is locked. I can get this unlocked but by the time I do that and pay to get it remapped it is probably cheaper just to fix the problem parts. I am reasonably handy with a spanner so could change the parts myself. The mapping I would need to get someone else to do. A third option I have seen is an Air System Delete form a company called Asuka Auto Parts. This looks to be a box of tricks that you plug into the loom that fools the ecu into thinking the system is working. Looks like a simple solution but my worry is that the only distributer seems to be in Australia and I can't  find any mention of the system in any of the forums. Has anyone heard of this?

Any advice would be appreciated. 

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I would check with a tuner specifically to see if it is locked - you are removing the codes from the ECU not necessarily tweaking the map itself so it may be possible. IMO remove the system as you can get moisture / water ingress which will cause issues particularly if it is not working.


Oh and welcome :smile:

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