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2001 Y reg SF5 Facelift S Turbo 177ps SOLD


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I'm sadly having to sell my pride and joy....an 01 Y Plate SF facelift S turbo 4EAT auto.

01G Platinum Silver fully colour coded, 73k miles (!) with full history.

4 owners (Cheam Motors demo, 1st keeper for 13 years, 2nd keeper for 2, now me).  It had covered a shade over 70k when I bought it and its been used daily since covering 3 and a bit K over the past several months and hasnt failed me once.

Velour cloth (in great shape) with All Weather Pack (everything works).

Car has been exceedingly well looked after inside and out.....its not concourse but it staggers most people how tidy it is inside and out for its years.  I'd argue its probably one of the straightest UK SF S Turbos available.

Mechanically stock bar a Pro R (OE Subaru/Pipercross made) panel filter and SFS Performance black silicone Y Pipe (to replace the woefully inadequate stock part).  I've also lavished a far bit of money and attention on it in the several months I've owned it (alloy refurb by Lepsons, replacement OE sump and rocker gaskets on both banks to rid of very minor wear and tear related oil weaps).

I've made a similar post on subaruforester.org and the car is now on AutoTrader - 


Only the purchase of a nearly new MPV thats forcing me to sell...I dont want to let it go but have to.....and am keen for it to go to an enthusiast home where it continues to get the love.  That is why I joined the forum (sad I didnt join sooner).  Have the Scooby bug now and certainly wont be my last....but alas my time with the SF draws to a close.

Its up for £2750, though for a quick sale Id take £2500 no haggling + offer a fresh MOT (as it expires mid April) for it to go to a fellow enthusiast.  Price is reflective of the cars general great condition (bodywork and mechanicals) and its v low mileage FSH status which is rare nowadays.

PM me if of interest....


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Its been raining so cant give it a proper clean inside and out just yet but you should now get the gist :-)

Again I want it desperately to go to a good enthusiast home....so if you have room for it and can spare 2.5k please PM me ASAP

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Auto Trader link.  Also just to mention its a 4 owner car.  It was registered as a Cheam Motors (Subaru main agent) demo, purchased by a chap and owned by him for 13 years.  It then moved into the hands of an ex-colleague in 2014 who ran it and spent alot of money on it with an official Subaru servicing centre (Turners Hill) with servicing etc.  I then purchased from him in August 2016.

I've also taken care to try to only run it on 97RON or better Super, mainly Texaco as thats the best branded fuel nearby where I live.



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Right chaps, putting my cards on the table.

Been asking strong money for the car because I think its worth it (being probably one of the straightest, lowest mile, FSH UK S Turbo's available...and an increasingly rare commodity)....that said I could do with selling it sooner rather than later as otherwise its just going to end up as a 3rd car, SORN'd and sat on my driveway which would be doing it rather an injustice. 

I also note the Forester is a niche car and the only people who are likely to jump at such a prospect would be an enthusiast who has room for it and prepared to pay a premium based on its mileage and condition.....Im narrowing my market.

To try to encourge a bit more enthusiasm I've reduced the car to £2150 on AT.

I would however be prepared to sell it to a SOC member sold as seen for £2k (knocking off another 100 quid and the cost of re-MOTing in April) for a quick sale and to give it a good home.  I think that is a very fair price for the car.

PM me if interested.



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