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My SF S Turbo -- Reduced to £2k for SOC members


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See the for sale section.

I need the car gone sooner rather than later and whilst I think the car could and should sell for £2750 (£2.5k to a SOC member)....its probably a minority that feel that way.

To encourage interest, Ive decided to take a bit (well rather alot) of a hit and reduce it to £2150.  As a further gesture I would be prepared to let it go to a SOC member for £2k dead (so minus another £100 + cost of Aprils MOT inspection) to get it gone and to a good home.

Please visit the for sale section to see the car and PM me if interested.

If its not gone by mid-April I will likely SORN the car, currently its MOT'd so I can take people out for test drives and could be driven away.


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2 hours ago, Mr B said:

sensible price if a nice one, would of been interested myself if a manual . good luck with sale .

Yeah its 73k miles with full history.  Suspect being a 4EAT is whats putting a few people off but its rather a shame as the cars excellent and the box is hardy and actually suits it very well.  I preference manual cars but its won me over 100%.

I've actually got someone coming to look at it tomorrow and they sound genuine and very keen so it could well be gone v shortly.

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Yeh auto is okay, but I not greatest fan of 4EAT on turbo engine, AWD is completely different principle on them too using a hydraulic clutch to control drive to rear diff . For auto likers it fine but for manual likers it not the best transition compared to later type auto boxes .

Probably is part of reason less interest but with that mileage and if proper clean it will soon go, always tend find low mileage and cleaner ones are auto boxes lol .

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