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I have a 2005 Subaru Impreza Type R - (Hawkeye) (Non-turbo) - I have upgraded the braking system from the standard braking system to the wrx brakes (4-pots at front and 2-pots at the rear), had good brake pedal when only running the upgraded front brakes but after installing the rears the pedal has gone when engine is running. No air in the system and no leaks and have now came across a hill assist valve within the system. Is there perhaps a specialized sequence for bleeding the brakes with this valve present, other than bleeding with the clutch activated. 

Thanks in advance

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Hello mate might sound stupid. I did a really stupid mistake of when re assembling my brake caliper after overhaul.same things really bad pedal when engine running but ok when engine off. bleed system again and again. Only when i stood back and realised i put the rears on back to front. front calipers bleed nipples where on top. and found the rears with the bleed nipple underneath and not on top. rotated the calipers and bleed. all ok

just check all calipers have bleed valves on top

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