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2002 WRX 4 pots

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Does anyone happen to know if 2002 WRX 4 pots will be a straight swap onto my 1993/1994 WRX?

I have done some research and someone says they should be but I am starting to worry a bit now. They should be with me on monday, so i have a little bit of time to find whatever else i need before then should I need to.


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Depends on what wheels you have on ? They will bolt straight up but you may have clearance issues with the rim some 16's clear, most don't though. 17's fit no problems



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Ah nice 1 Stants, thanks for replying. Im glad they will just bolt on. I managed to find some 16" subaru 5x100 wheels that came off a car with 4 pots. They should be with me monday aswell. I dont know the make of them but will post some pics when they are on.

I put the front on axle stands this afternoon and took a wire brush to the bolts and some wd40. Tomorrow i will crack them all off and make sure its all ready for monday.

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