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A slightly newbie here but I have had a forester for eleven years...never been anything to ask about really ....

but...a load of cars here in Sunny Portugal suffer from a scabby deterioration of the clear 'varnish' on top of the base car colour, all makes,  Bmws, opels renaults... (interestingly no mercs and there' s more mercs per capita than Germany   Taxis in Lisbon often have 6-700 thou kms and thats already round the clock once....!).  the old forester, always parked outside in sometimes full-on sun, 40ºC , 55-60º inside, .... had just started to get this peely effect  ,, as its the clear coat that is affected , the average paintshop simply cuts right back and resprays, and clearcoats again...

Anybody  got any recommendations for a car polish that has to work like factor 50 sunblock.? 

My new forester, actually six months older and with half the Kms at 175000, and most importantly LPG,  has been a one-owner always in the garage and is pretty well perfect, but is just starting to get the peely scabby on its forehead above the windscreen after a couple of months in low - mid thrties ºC and it ain't summer yet...



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