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Engine running hot ????

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I bought a 2010 2 litre non-turbo Impreza as my old GX 2 litre was getting long in the tooth and this seemed to be the latest year one could buy something between the gutless 1.6 litre and the 'hear it in the next county' turbo models.   However since I bought it, the engine cooling fan seems to come on far more often then the older model.  Pull up at a junction and it comes on within 5 seconds.  Both K T Green in Yorkshire and Colin Appleyards in Ashton have looked at it and claim it is fine but to my mind there is obviously something amiss.  Unfortunately for some insane reason this model doesn't have an actual temperature gauge so I've no idea if the car is actually running hot or the fan is coming on too early.

Anybody else seen this, or have suggestions on what could be wrong ? 

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Some obd2 readers can see what the water temperature is, could maybe leave that on while running to see if it cools down when moving etc



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