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Down Pipe and Decat

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I have a Hayward & Scott Cat Back fitted on my 2017 STI, got a Down Pipe and De-cat to go on, couple of options for getting it mapped but both are over 4 hours from where I live and are heavily booked up at the minute, going to be fitting the Down Pipe and De-cat at the weekend, do I need remap right away or will I be ok until I travel to get it mapped?  Will I get any problems running it for a while before mapping?

Cheers! :)

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I'm by no means an expert on this.

But from the research i have done i would be getting it remapped as soon as humanly possible.
As the new models with SI drive are really sensitive to new hardware.

The problems you are likely to encounter is overboosting i.e a VERY lean mixture. Much leaner than normal and i know stock they run a little lean.
So a much higher chance of knock/pre-detenation.

It is very awkward if you really are that far away from any pro tuner. but i'd stay well away from boost until it is mapped.


I expect someone with more knowledge could shed more light on the subject but this is what i know.

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From my research you need it re mapped straight after fitting a sports cat or de cat but I'm no expert just what I've been told from my enquiries



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