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  1. 2011 WRX STI Type UK Full Decat Downpipe&Centre pipe 3" Custom Catback 2.5" Cosworth Panel filter. Mapped on momentum light blue lines are a previous power run with only the catback and the factory performance pack. Pink line is with the above and remap by Duncan Graham.
  2. I picked up my 2011 last may. not had any reliability issues. just wear and tear items. I did have mine remapped at the start of February, to find out it had the type uk330 remap on it from the factory( this wasn't obvious without a dyno) So the horrible factory lean map wasn't on the car from day zero. Does the car advert have any performance pack such as the 320r 340r or other such packages? As having one of these could further improved reliability. As the ringland issue is down to the cyclinders running too hot due to the poor map/lack of fuel. so mines running 11.1 AFR on boost. but was healthy with the off the shelf factory performance packs. just needed timing and specializing to the car. Do you have an advert we can look at?
  3. Just thought i would throw this out there. I found this in costco. It isn't the best as it of course moves if you give it some. but other than that i've got a ton of stuff in it and 3 "shopping bags" Probably going to get a bungee cable hooked onto the seat back clips to hold it in place.
  4. oh wow if that is true that's brilliant. Sometimes i wonder if their maths is up to snuff
  5. Very nice motor. That colour suits really well.
  6. Was just wondering. On the new set of card could it not be a similar barcode as the executive discount as they are the same amount? Or atleast reference to the the executive discount or is that something halford don't want.
  7. Strange, all the times i've used my they have scanned it. Working out the 15% off putting in that the coupon is for instance £3.40 scanning the card and bingo. but this time it just said invalid coupon. I'll just wait for Steve to get back to us a Jay mentioned.
  8. They said it finished on wednesday. so it will only have been expired 2 days. I'm just glad i was only after a wheel brush :s 90p savings yo
  9. Jesus they was taking you for proper ride there and you're the one with the car! Couldn't you use the van's no claims? i know a lot of companies i noticed i could say 3 years no claims company vehicle on most insurance sites. I just can't wait till i'm 25 get blacklisted from so many companies because of 5 months.....
  10. Haha yeah i did the same thing with my parents. They'll never drive my car in a million years. was £1200 with Admiral before that so i'm not complaining :D I can sort of understand the performance car part especially as my previous car was well a 1.0 corsa xD Riding a bike for 5 years did help also. I get screwed from being in south east and the lovely theft rate.
  11. I've had a fun few days with Aplan canceling my policy a month after be taking it out after THEY screwed something up. That was for first year on the scooby and first performance car and that come in at £1170. was planning on doing a few mods hence going with them. I've taken out a new policy with Admiral for £911 mods and options declared. If your cars are lightly modified they may be a good shout.
  12. I know! i was starting to get a feel for detailing products and was thinking of maybe getting a new radio as my satnav thing sucks. I really hope it is a misunderstanding. But they said the 2 years it had been running for ended and it didn't get renewed. only had mine a few weeks ;(
  13. Hello everyone, i would just like to let you know my halfords discount card has just been rejected less than a month after i had it. the cachie called halfords business number and they informed them and myself that the club have chosen to not continue the membership from this wednesday???? does anyone know what has happened?
  14. Feel i can brag about this one a little, as it'll probably be the only time i ever get this high. When i picked the car up it was on fumes so filled up on Momentium. Before the long drag from Matlock to essex. Was stuck at 50 through speed cameras half the way and didn't take it out of intellegent besides the blast a way from the odd tailgater. Was rather surprised. Get 22 to commuting though :S
  15. I'm by no means an expert on this. But from the research i have done i would be getting it remapped as soon as humanly possible. As the new models with SI drive are really sensitive to new hardware. The problems you are likely to encounter is overboosting i.e a VERY lean mixture. Much leaner than normal and i know stock they run a little lean. So a much higher chance of knock/pre-detenation. It is very awkward if you really are that far away from any pro tuner. but i'd stay well away from boost until it is mapped. I expect someone with more knowledge could shed more light on the subject but this is what i know.