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Stolen 2.1 stroker engine

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Hi guys as some of you might well know , but for you that don't , Alan Jeffries engine tuner was broken into early hours of Sunday morning.


The only thing that was stolen was a freshly built 2.1 engine complete with precision turbo . Ready to go into a car . As many of you know the engine tuner engines are quite distinctive painted silver with the gold zink coated bolts throughout . From what I can make out this was a very high end build bespoke for the specific car , and they are willing to do anything possible to retrieve it.


so if anyone sees or here's of a precision turbo or 2.1 engine going about , I'm sure any info would be rewarded .






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Seen his fb post, !Removed! !

Call me cynical but my 1st port of call would be whoever ordered the build in the 1st place if the rest of the car wasn't on his premises ?


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Yes my first thought myself as we all no those sort of builds are not cheep . But I think he has a good relationship with the customer . I'm not sure if the car was there , although I would say so, If it was all built up with headers and turbo ready to go .



Police are clearly involved and they have the 3 suspects on camera and a white focus estate with roof bars , and black bump strips . , was the getaway car . Coincidently one is now for sale on eBay in the area lol . TBH I think they will catch the guys but that won't necessarily get the engine back , it was clearly someone who has been there that week or knew that was their. Or an inside job. stolen to order , disgusting really






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