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brake caliper and disc upgrade


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hi all

i have a classic gc8 impreza took it for tracking today and reliesed that i have a siezed N/S front caliper now im gonna do the same thing i did with my turbo ifit brakes i upgrade bow iv read about and found some info that i can put the sti bremo calipers and discs on without much issue as long as i stay in the years 2004 or below as they will fit 5x100 and also have the same caliper mountings 

as for alloys and clearance for the nee size discs this is not a issue as i have aftermarket wheels which will fit these 

is this info correct before i make a purchase on a full set front and rear?

any help would be much grearful 

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What year classic ?

Brembos would require rim of 18" at least.

If wheel size is an issue could get a set of 4pots and a decent set of discs & pads,



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its a year 2000 turbo, i already have 4 pot calipers, so the upgrade from this would be the sti brake kit, if alloys have to be 18" then this wont be a issue 

as far as i was aware sti 2004 or before was 17" but eather way wheels wont be a problem 

i just mainly need to understand the fitment for the caliper as iv seen this is the best action to take to make the breaking a better experience, 

rule one make more power you need to make better stopping power

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