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Coilover upgrade 2001 S Turbo


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Had my 2001 Forester S turbo for about 10 months now. It came dropped already, but now i've got a heavy thud coming from the nearside rear, every time i go over a bump in the road. Almost like it's bottoming out on a bump stop. No broken spring etc & car still sits level so i am assuming it's the shock gone.

Looking at a set of coilovers for it but unsure of which Impreza ones will fit. Would anyone here know which ones i would need to go for?



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Speak to Sean whiffin at subaru forester parts. He will be able to source a set of bc's with a correct spring /valve rate to accommodate the extra weight.


Pedders do lowering kits that offer better ride comfort but still with a drop like this




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I wouldn't waste money on BC coilovers or coilovers in general for road use, they are junk, valving is poor and strut stroke is way way too short a travel range, they turn into a corroded mess in 18 months and will leak if on rough roads or venture down tracks a lot with your forester .. coilovers are totally useless for UK B roads if you know anything about suspension and how it should work . Pedders dropped struts about best sensible option for road use and cost to you .



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