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oil catch can


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why should i put it,what is the different between recycling to inlet and the oil catch can?

i saw on youtube that crawford cancel the pcv valve when instaling the oil catch is it ok?

is it worth rhe money in general?



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You've opened up a can of worms there mate !


All depends on how much money you want to spend,


The 'proper' way to do it is have two recirculating cans one for the heads and one for the crank case breather,

The crankcase breather would go straight into the can and then from the can into the y pipe that joins the pcv and turbo inlet, that way the can can do it's job and the pcv is still intact and working,


Then the heads are easy, 3port can so both heads go into it and then into the inlet on the 'out' side.


Weather it's worth paying mega bucks for a perrin or crawford one is up to you, at the end of the day they all do the same job but in slightly different ways,


The final ways would be to blank off the pcv, have one 3 port can, tee both heads into one inlet then the crankcase into the other and return to inlet or a 2 port one tee all the lines into one and vent to atmosphere


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Depends how hard do you drive the car, Any motorsport events ? How much oil collects in your intercooler if any ?

The originalset up works ok but a can will catch any blow by


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