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New wheels rubbing?

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Hi, so I have a 99 classic wagon and have just put new wheels on but when I corner even at relatively low speeds I get some god awful rubbage from somewhere at the back. What are the likely culprits? The bit of trim from the arch the seal thing has already fallen off but something is still rubbing. 

Old wheels 205/50/16

new wheels 215/45/17 

i didn't think the overall size was much different to be honest hats why it's confusing over what is rubbing. 

Any help appreciated. 



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What is the offset of the new wheels? They maybe sticking out further than your old wheels. Your old wheels may have been tucked in just enough to clear the outside arches. 

The lower profile ratio of the new tyre should offset most of the extra inch in diameter you now have, so I can't see it being due to the size of the new wheels. 

I would check the offset 👍

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As@HawkSTI said the off set is wrong.depending hiw far out they are you could roll the arch ,may clear it.if they stick out a lot go with arch flares but thats a lot work.or finally unfortunatly sell the wheels and get some more.


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If you look on the wheel, somewhere it should have "ET" followed by a number. 

The lower the number the further the wheel will stick out. You may need to get the arches rolled slightly if the offset of the new wheels is too low. 

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