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Tips and hints on buying a 2002 WRX?...


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hi, new to the forum

have a viewing to buy an 02 wrx next week. very tidy looking car, FSh, 90,000 miles, navy. just looking for some general dos and don'ts when buying a subaru as iv never owned one before.. or anything to look out for apart from the obvious. have my mind set on one completely standard, and with a FSH is a must. 

thanks :)

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Hi I have a 2005 WRX, so check rear wings and rear sub frame for rust. The wings could rust from inner wing out. Check for any whines from gearbox ( it's the week point of the car) anything not quite right with gearbox walk away. Just cost me nearly £1k to have mine reconditioned. Engine is pretty much bulletproof, but check service history. Especially for oil changes. So change oil every 3k miles, but every 6k miles is fine, depending on how it's been driven. Then just check for usual signs of accident damage. Maybe an hpi check for piece of mind. If any mods have been done check who done, ante they good? Other than that the rest is normal things to check for. All imho.

Good luck

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With the engine off, get in the drivers seat.

Turn on the engine, wait a while then press the accelerator.

Check the mirror to see if there's a big grin on your face.



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