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  1. Sirspidey

    P0031 ho2 sensor code

    Hi all it’s been a while since I’ve had to post on here, but just wanted some advice. So yesterday I had the dreaded CEL come on. Plugged in my reader today and I had the code p0031 ho2 Hester pow bank 1 come up. Had a quick look on internet and most say it’s the o2 sensor at fault, well kinda worked that out for myself. Now I just wanted an expert to confirm that my best cause of action is to replace the sensor or could it be something else?? The car runs fine, if anything maybe a slight hesitation when you blip the throttle and I have thought for a while the the car was ‘smelling’ of fuel. Any thoughts please, before I order the part up. Many thanks Jeff Edit also I’ll add I cleared the codes and started the car, cel disappeared for a moment then came straight back and had the same codes. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Sirspidey

    private seller legal help please

    Very sorry to read about your problem. I’m no expert, but 1. Are you sure the letter is real? Could it be mocked up? 2. And the buyer signed a receipt that states ‘sold as seen’, in my eyes that’s sealed the deal! They have no leg to stand on. But I could be wrong. Good luck
  3. If there is one, I’d be tempted to put a tank of fuel or 2 in and join you. Depending if I’m working
  4. Hi and welcome. Loads of knowledgeable people on here. Any questions just ask. I’m a bit for from you for any run outs, I’m in the southwest, but I think there are a few members up your way.
  5. Sirspidey

    Hi everyone, I’m brand new 😊

    Glad you’ve found the power. It took me a minute to get used to it to. Was always changing gear at about 3500rpm before I got the scooby. But I must say scooby a more B road rocket as opposed to motorway munchers. In other words they will go fast in a straight line, but I feel they start to lose it after 90-100mph. B road in 2nd and 3rd is great fun. Just don’t look at the fuel gauge lol. Remember smiles per gallon not miles per gallon lol
  6. Sirspidey

    Hi everyone, I’m brand new 😊

    Hi great looking car. I can help you with the fan sounds, not something I’ve come across before. I own a wrx and I’ve remapped mine with just a prodrive back box and cosworth air filter and prodrive intercooler hoses and im to 285bhp. It’s made a massive difference. Yes the turbo lag is a pain, but when you get used to it...... on the wrx the turbo kicks in at around 3500rpm and I believe the sti is close 4000rpm. The secret, keep it above 3500rpm and if you not change down. These car can take quite a bit of abuse and going to 6k isn’t a problem :-).
  7. Sirspidey

    2005 impreza blank switch

    Hi all just wondered if anyone had one lying around. It’s one of the two that’s next to the front of handbrake lever, between cup holders and gear lever. Can’t seem to find one on the bay, unless I’m search the wrong thing lol Thanks
  8. Sirspidey

    Didn't get my 15%

    Good price :-)
  9. Sirspidey

    Im back

    Hey rick nice to meet you. I’ve seen a few classics being broken for part advertised on a few of the scooby parts for sale pages on Facebook. Often see them. Might be worth a look. Or you could try Matt at mb developments whose also on Facebook. He’s always got parts for sale. (Admins - hope that’s ok to to advertise places)
  10. Good to know. So what your thoughts Savage? Is your resonated and how loud is it?
  11. Thanks sandals, yes I want to stick to a budget, but not too cheap. I’m not looking at a £7-800 system, but something sensible. Secondhand isn’t really what I’m after, would like new if poss. Nothing too loud, but that nice distinct burble. Had a quick look on the cobra website and a non resonated cat back was under £400, but would that be a good choice/ not too loud/ give the nice burble?
  12. Hi all looking at changing my exhaust, well cat back at least. And was looking for some recommendations please. My car is a 2005 blobeye wrx. It currently has a prodrive backbox and the rest is standard as far as I can tell. The centre section (resonated) is starting to show signs of wear and the back box is starting to get a bit of a ‘rattle’, hence why I’m looking at changing it. My car has been remapped to 285bhp and didn’t want to go down the route of another remap, so something similar to the prodrive. I do like the sound, but I can’t help but think something else would unlock the burble a bit more. Thanks in advance Edit also don’t want to spend mega bucks either :-)
  13. Yeah my impreza is the same, but mine happens after about 10 seconds. If you turn ignition on then press key fob button, then start car.
  14. Sirspidey

    Anyone Recognise This Car?

    Good luck in your search, plenty out there, I’m sure you’ll find the right one soon enough. I would imagine there are loads within a reasonable distance from you.