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Gearbox advice needed Classic wagon


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Does the 6speed from the later impreza fit onto wrx classic? 


If not, would I need to buy a new rear diff if I upgraded to the type RA box with lsd? 


Don't want to be sticking same gearbox back in once it's out, I'd rather upgrade any advice would be appreciated cheers 👍

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If you give your existing gearbox ty##$ code a Google to get the ratio. Then find a 6 speed with the same ratio ,all you'll need for a classic 6 speed conversion is ....


Cradle with mounts .

Gear stick and linkage .

If it's a pre 04 6 speed .


As the 5 speed starter motor ,fly , clutch slave and clutch are compatible.


If it's a late 04 onwards box you'll also need a stub axle conversion kit (from icp ) to convert the box to take the earlier "female" driveshafts [emoji6]

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As long as the ratios are the same any 5 speed will mate up and work fine with your existing rear diff . Just bear in mind the classic 5 speeds are getting on a bit and even when low mileage, they tend to spit they're dummy out at 330hp ish .


The later bug and blobeye 5 speeds tend to handle a bit more power (360hp ish) . So are a good upgrade compared to the weaker classic boxes [emoji6]

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Fairly sure it's a straight swap afaik the only real difference between the classic and bugeye onwards boxes is the casings are stronger/bigger . so there's possibly a difference between cradles as the 5 speed gearbox mounts are the same throughout the impreza turbo range .


If you buy a bug onwards box try asking the seller before you buy , as i personally upgraded to a 6 speed and don't like to advise anyone to do anything I haven't personally done .

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Have a squint on here to see if the final ratios match with your existing ratio . If they dont you'll have to change the diff too (which can be a ballache If it's not been removed before)



Hopefully your codes will be on there [emoji848]

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Nice one I'll have a look now cheers! Very easy on the eye that bay by the way [emoji106]

That was my first attempt at a shiney bay in my v3 uk turbo [emoji16]

This is the current v1sti's bay ,i like em clean [emoji6]


If you've not removed a classic scooby box before give it a search before you start , cos you have to remove the clutch fork pivot pin to split the engine and box [emoji6]55ccc0102f13aac46f3c334983f83b11.jpg

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