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Hello from a newbie


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Hello everyone. 

I guess this is the place where the experts hang out so I'll get right to it. 

I've just got my second Subaru. The first is (I still have it and will be up for sale shortly) a 2004 Legacy 3.0rn with 58,000 miles and in great nick btw. 

Having caught the bug and searching for something  a bit more potent and more economical (the perfect oxymoron) I acquired a 2006 Legacy 2.0 Twinscroll Blitzen. 

Now here's the thing. If, hypothetically speaking, after three weeks of picking up my now beloved Twinscroll I had a prang on the A40 intersection (my first hypothetical accident in 30 yrs btw) resulting in damaged front bumper and possible damage to the transmission fluid pipe (which runs behind the left headlight cluster) where would be the best place to find parts, and how much do they share mechanically with the Imprezza 2.0 Twinscroll?

Yours hopefully 


(Andy ;)

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Hi, and welcome. I hope you find the parts you are looking for.

Contact some import business's (import car parts, import monster, Jesse Streater), breakers, and not pushing you away at all, but try a legacy specific forum for parts or breakers.

Make sure you let us know how you get on.


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